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This week’s OUAT thoughts

Cora’s backstory DID give a much better understanding to her character, and I was gleeful at finally tying in a canon Rumpy story.

I almost lost it with Rumpy and Bae and Belle and WHY CAN’T THEY ALL JUST BE HAPPY???

Lately I’ve been debating my love for Regina, considering the direction her character has gone, but I really feel for her. All she ultimately wanted was for her mother to love her, and in the end she could only obtain it by killing her. (The worst part was how unknowingly happy she looked.)

I don’t know why everyone is throwing stones at Snow, however. Arguably, what she did was self defense considering Cora’s plans, and imo she did the right thing. Having Regina do it was REALLY screwed up, but I don’t think it warrants her being dubbed some of the sexist slurs I’ve been seeing. Let’s see where this series takes us from here on out.